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The PERSEUS Security Framework

Most of the currently used computing platforms lack elemental security properties, such as integrity checks (keyword: secure booting), the generation of secure cryptographic keys using appropriate random number generators, or the realiable enforcement of security policies attached to digital content. Thus, the existing threats thwart the realisation of a variety of useful applications and business models. This situation brings about the need for developing a new generation of secure computing platforms. 

PERSEUS is a trustworthy computing framework that aims at establishing an open security architecture by efficiently combining existing applications, modern operating system solutions and security technology. Based on the well-approved idea of a security kernel, it solves the problem of the ever increasing complexity and insecurity of commonly used operating systems to build a trustworthy computing base that is secure enough to realise new and innovative business models, particulary in the area of privacy protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM). The modular design of the PERSEUS framework allows the realization of a wide variety of security and functional requirements for desktop systems and servers as well as mobile devices.